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How to Prepare For a Showing

So you've found an apartment for rent and arranged a showing. Preparing for the showing is very important and we'll go through a few pointers in this article

Having all your information ready in an organized form will impress the landlord which will increase your chances of getting the home.

What should you have ready for a showing?

  • Employment references.
  • Previous and current landlord references.
  • A credit report. Why a credit report? See below for a description.
  • Personal and character references.

What should you include for each reference?

Basically you should have the name, phone number, email and fax (if applicable) and address. You should have this printed on a separate sheet of paper. Printed is better than handwritten so that you appear more professional but also since it's easier for the landlord to read. You should always let your reference know that the landlord(s) will be calling.

Have a credit report ready

Most landlords run their own credit checks, but if you show up with a current personal credit report you will be saving the landlord some money which really is good for you as well (Get on his good side). Not only that but you can re-use your credit report as many times as you want. If you don't have a credit report ready and each landlord runs their own credit checks on you this will actually be bad for your credit score. Every time a credit check is run on your credit report it receives a little negative check so to say. This can affect any kind of loan (even credit card interest) you will take in the future.

You can get a credit report here instantly for about $15.

Anything else?

If the landlord asks for anything in particular you should do your best to have that ready.

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