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To place a link on your website to Rentmore.ca please select one of the following:

Linking to landlords and property managers Linking to tenants
Free Rental Listings Apartment for rent
<a href='http://www.rentmore.ca/manager/'>Free Rental Listings</a> <a href='http://www.rentmore.ca/apartment/'>Apartment for rent</a>
Online Property Management Solutions Apartment Search
<a href='http://www.rentmore.ca/manager/'>Online Property Management Solutions</a> <a href='http://www.rentmore.ca/apartment/search/'>Apartment Search</a>
Forms & Contracts for landlords Vancouver Apartments
<a href='http://www.rentmore.ca/manager/form/'>Forms & Contracts for landlords</a> <a href='http://www.rentmore.ca/apartment/city/vancouver'>Vancouver Apartments</a>

Adding a link to a specific city

If you wish to add a link to a specific city you can do it by following these simple instructions:
  1. Find the city in question by going to Apartment for rent.
  2. Copy/Paste the url into a new link with the correct anchor text.
Here's a couple of examples:

Calgary: <a href='http://www.rentmore.ca/apartment/city/calgary'>Calgary Apartments</a>
New Westminister: <a href='http://www.rentmore.ca/apartment/city/new-westminster/'>New Westminister Apartments</a>
Toronto: <a href='http://www.rentmore.ca/apartment/city/toronto/'>Toronto Apartments</a>

Banners & Logo's

Apartments For Rent

<a href='http://www.rentmore.ca/'><img src='http://www.rentmore.ca/pics/logo-sm.gif' alt='Apartments For Rent' title='Apartments For Rent'></a>

Free Rental Listings

<a href='http://www.rentmore.ca/manager/'><img src='http://www.rentmore.ca/pics/landlords_advertise.gif' alt='Free Rental Listings' title='Free Rental Listings'></a>

Apartments for rent

<a href='http://www.rentmore.ca/'><img src='http://www.rentmore.ca/pics/rentmore.ca-banner.gif' alt='Apartments for rent' title='Apartments for rent'></a>

Free Rental Listings

<a href='http://www.rentmore.ca/manager/'><img src='http://www.rentmore.ca/pics/welcome-landlords.gif' alt='Free Rental Listings' title='Free Rental Listings'></a>

Apartments for rent

<a href='http://www.rentmore.ca/apartment/'><img src='http://www.rentmore.ca/pics/welcome-tenants.gif' alt='Apartments for rent' title='Apartments for rent'></a>

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