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Pay Your Rent Online With Rentmore.ca's eRent

With Rentmore.ca's new eRent service you can now pay your rent online directly from your bank account to your landlords account.

Imagine not having to send checks every month and then waiting on your landlord to deposit the check.

Not only can you save money on postage stamps & checks but you will also help the environment by using eRent. No paper is used for checks and mailings. Have less of a carbon footprint by not using the postal system.

No more NSF or late fees since the rent is automatically taken from your account or at your own leisure!

Better knowledge of your rent history by using our advanced reporting tools

Using eRent is very safe since all information is encrypted through SSL and other means. All payments are sent through Canada's Automated Clearing and Settlement System (ACSS) which is used by most banks for Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT).

Take advantage of this rapidly growing form of electronic payment by signing up now. It's absolutely free to join. You can sign up here.

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