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Rentmore.ca Announces New Residential Tenancy Application Form

Original post: Rentmore.ca Announces New Residential Tenancy Application Form.

Media Contact: Michael Balle Hansen.
Email: michael.hansen@rentmore.ca.

Canadian Online Property Management Solutions leader Rentmore.ca today announced that it has extended its product line to include a Residential Tenancy Application form.

This new form will enable landlords and property managers to collect all required information from prospective tenants enabling them to easily do their due diligence before picking the right tenant.

The Residential Tenancy Application form enables landlords and property managers to collect the following information:

  • Applicant information such as name, SIN, drivers no, DOB and phone.
  • Current address information such as address, length of stay, reason for moving, landlords name and phone.
  • Two previous address sections containing the same fields as current address.
  • Current and previous employer sections containing information such as address, type (Full/Part time), length of employment, position, manager, phone and income.
  • Personal reference section for name, phone, relationship and address.
  • A separate section asking if the tenant smokes, has pets or has insurance.

This form has legal information that the tenant signs to allowing the landlord or property manager to run their reference and credit checks.

In the bottom of the form a detailed checklist is included when calling references enabling the landlord or property manager to quickly check all important points such as payment history, NSF payments, noise, proper move-out notice and so forth.

Just as the other Forms & Contracts the landlord or property manager will be able to print out the form or save it as a PDF.


Pricing depends on the contract and the purchase type (Single Use, Multi Use – 1 Month, Multi Use – 1 Year), but can be as low as $7.99 (Pricing as of June 2009).

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