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Rentmore.ca Announces Easy Way to Create Rental Agreements

Original post: Rentmore.ca Announces Easy Way to Create Rental Agreements.

Media Contact: Michael Balle Hansen.
Email: michael.hansen@rentmore.ca.

Canadian Online Property Management Solutions leader Rentmore.ca today annonced that it has extended its product line to include Forms & Contracts.

With the new Forms & Contracts module landlords and property managers can now create their rental agreements with a few clicks. This new module integrates into the existing modules such as Tenant Management and Apartment Management so the member can select the apartment and tenant and the information will be automatically filled out by the system based on the selections.


This is a huge timersaver compared to manually entering the information.


Not only does it save time, but all Forms & Contracts will remain in the system for later retrieval.


List of Benefits:

  • Huge timer saver.
  • All Forms & Contracts stay in the members accounts for later retrieval.
  • No need to worry about filling out complicated forms.
  • Save paper. The member can edit their Forms & Contracts and view a preview on their screen before printing.
  • Export to PDF for backup purposes.

Currently Available Form & Contract Types:


Pricing and Availability

Pricing depends on the contract and purchase type (Single Use, Multiuse - 1 Month & Multiuse - 1 Year), but it can be as low as $7.99 (Pricing as of April 2009).


About Rentmore.ca

Rentmore.ca is a brand of Conjure Solutions Inc. Rentmore.ca is one of the leading providers of free rental listings as well as Online Property Management Solutions.


Rentmore.ca offers a full suite of web based property management solutions such as Apartment Management, Tenant Management, Rent Management and now Forms & Contracts Management. With these modules a landlord or property manager can run a very efficient rental business.


Rentmore.ca offers different pricing plans to fit every property managers needs. There's even a free plan for do-it-yourself landlords just starting out.


Please visit Rentmore.ca for more information and contact options.



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