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  • Keep Your Pulse On Your Featured Rental Listings in Real Time
  • No Ads Are Shown On Your Featured Rental Listings

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Cindy Prasad
I was feeling really overwhelmed after I purchased my first home for rent. I was scared I wouldnt find tenants. I thought I would be stuck with this house with no one to rent it. The Closing was in July and I needed someone to rent by Aug. As soon as I posted an AD on rentmore.ca, The phone calls and emails began, and i found a nice family who took the the house the same day they saw it. Now Im not stressed! Its a nice feeling! Thanks Rentmore.ca

Rent Your Apartment Faster and With More Control!

Just imagine renting out your apartment faster and with higher quality of applicants leaving you time to do the things you really enjoy.

Not only will you attract more applicants, but you will also have far greater control of your listing.

You can start and stop your Featured Rental Listings as much as you choose. Turn it ON and OFF to take advantage of peak periods to save money and to market your rentals more efficiently.

Use our tracking tools to keep your pulse on your rental listings at all times and in real time.

Our Featured Rental Listings are completely advertisement free giving you a professionalism that regular rental listings do not provide to same level.

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Fair pricing

Increased exposure on the front page

Increased exposure on all apartment pages

Manage and track your listing

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